Flower Breeding Simulator

Breeding Simulator

Select a flower species using the dropdown menu and then select the values of the genes of the parent flowers. The flower icons in the lists below can also be dragged into the breeding simulator. The genotypes of the offspring will be displayed on the right along with the likelihood of acquiring each one.

Placement Simulator

Drag flowers from the lists at the bottom and drop them onto the field to arrange a breeding layout. Each flower can spawn offspring in the 3x3 area centred on itself but needs another compatible flower in this area to breed. Possible flower spawns are visualized by their color and are listed when selecting its tile with the tile information button. Open tiles can be marked as blocked to simulate invalid spawning ground. To simulate the impact of cliffs, select a tile then click the 'add cliff layer' icon to raise it. Flowers cannot breed across height differences nor spawn offspring onto a height level different to its own. To remove a flower from the field, select the flower and click the 'remove flower' button.

Combined Use

Drag the outcome flowers of the breeding simulator onto the tiles of the placement simulator to add a flower of that exact genotype. The flowers displayed in the tile information panel of the placement simulator can be dragged into the parent fields of the breeding simulator.

The genetics mechanic is based on Mendelian Inheritance and was discovered and discussed by various dataminers, especially Aeter and Paleh.


  • Water your flowers daily. When watered, the flowers sparkle and keep that state for the entire day.
  • Rain waters all flowers on the island automatically.


  • Flowers must be at least in the buds stage (colour is visible) to be able to breed.
  • Flowers can breed with other flowers of the same species within a 3x3 area.
  • Two flowers which breed can only produce one offspring per day.
  • When flowers have successfully bred, they are flagged as unavailable for other potential partners for the day.
  • Flowers can only breed on grass, dirt path, dark dirt path and sand path. Beach sand prevents breeding.


  • Flowers can self-duplicate (produce a flower with the same genes) only when no viable/available flower is within its surrounding 3x3. This behaviour is not shown in the placement simulator.


  • Items, trees, stones, buried items and floor art prevent a flower from spawning in that space.
  • Offspring cannot spawn across cliff levels.

Reproduction Rates

  • Each flower has a counter that determines its reproduction success rate. The counter becomes 1 when it is first watered (at any stage), and goes up by 1 each day of watering if it is not reset by being dug up or by producing offspring. Plants do not have to be watered on consecutive days to increment the counter. Day 1-3 is 5%, then it increases by 5% every day it is watered. The cap is 90% when the counter reaches 20.
  • If flowers are watered by visitors, the chance of breeding is increased for every unique visitor: 1 visitor +20%, 2 visitors +30%, 3 visitors +45%, 4 visitors +60%, 5+ visitors +75%
  • Example: counter at 4 and 1 visitor = 30%
  • These are the same rates for both duplication and breeding.


Add flower...
Field width
Field height

As of the game version 1.2.0, rare flower islands have been disabled.
The reason for this is currently unknown but the following flowers cannot be obtained from these islands at the moment.


  • Added pumpkin notation (very spooky)


  • Improved loading screen


  • Fixed some minor UI issues


  • Fixed incorrect watering counter increment in the simulation code; this was uncovered by recent game datamines
  • Watering counter is now incremented AFTER the breeding chance was determined; this means one additional day where the base breeding chance remains 5%
  • Due to this finding, previous simulation results will differ from new simulations


  • Fixed incorrect image for black lilies


  • Fixed missing help text for color-safe on glossary entry


  • Background refactoring for better code maintainability
  • Flowers and genes in the testing results are now draggable and selectable
  • Added new logo and favicon
  • Replaced title font with default font used for the rest of the website


  • Fixed various issues with selecting/dragging genes


  • Minor UI fixes
  • Updated German language support


  • Added list of failed tests to the testing tool
  • Minor UI fixes


  • Added new testing tab to the breeding simulator
  • This tool helps finding possible tests for a set of same-colored flowers to determine their genes
  • Note that this tool only looks for first-level tests (no tests for test-outcomes etc.)
  • Updated the breeding simulator share button to allow sharing test searches


  • Minor UI tweaks


  • Detailed simulation results (table) has been removed to increase simulation and render performance


  • Replaced graph/chart engine; this will simplify the implementation of different charts in the future
  • Various UI tweaks to improve the page layout on smaller screens


  • Fixed black cosmos icon


  • Glossary entry filter options are now part of the share link


  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko


  • The browser URL is now updated when clicking a share button
  • Page content is now updated when clicking the browser history back/forward buttons


  • Updated French language support - thanks to Chomp


  • Made genes in offspring list on simulation results selectable


  • Added switches to change display values for offspring list on simulation results
  • Removed setting for outcome values; all values are now displayed as percentages
  • Minor UI fixes


  • Added offspring list to simulation results
  • Fixed some issues with the simulator algorithm (don't worry, none of the previous results were incorrect)
  • Minor UI fixes


  • Updated German language support - thanks to Catobat


  • Fixed some issues with settings not restored on page load
  • Made glossary search accept letters with and without accents in different languages


  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko
  • Updated Dutch language support - thanks to Ketama
  • Fixed a bug with the flower glossary not returning any results in certain languages
  • Added Spanish (US) language support - thanks to namae and blink


  • Updated Chinese (traditional and simplified) language support - thanks to cestislife
  • Big backend refactoring of the flower data-model; flower sources are now no longer hard-coded into the engine
  • Added better localization support for colors and sources


  • Added an option to hide the highlight area on the field when a tile is selected


  • New tooltip engine
  • Added new tooltips to various UI elements and labels
  • Changing UI language will now also update HTML language tag to signal new language content to the browser


  • Dialog windows are now closed if clicked outside of their bounds
  • Fixed an issue with multi-select when dropping selected tiles on their initial position
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Fixed incorrect parents count on glossary entry page


  • Fixed an issue where loading a glossary entry from a URL would fail to load the page
  • Fixed an issue with multi-select when toggling tile blockers


  • Clicking outside of the field now clears the current highlight/selection


  • Multi-select move also works on mobile and touch devices now
  • Fixed weird gene-switch spacing on some mobile browsers
  • Updated intro text - thanks to Waterjar


  • Added multi-select mode; this new mode allows you to select multiple flowers and/or blocked tiles in the placement simulator and move them
  • Selection can be made by drawing a selection area over the tiles or clicking a single tile
  • Selection can be modified by holding down ctrl/cmd and drawing another selection area or clicking individual tiles
  • Selection can be moved within the placement field; if moved outside of the boundaries or moving on invalid tiles, only the movement of the affected tiles is canceled
  • Selected flowers can be mass-deleted
  • Selected empty/blocked tiles can be mass-blocked/unblocked
  • Selected tiles can have their cliff level mass-incremented/decremented (if possible)
  • The count for parents in a glossary entry parents is now updated when filtered
  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko


  • Added new flower icons - icons made by cestislife
  • There are now different flower icons for field tiles (3 flowers per tile like in the game)
  • Minor styling tweaks and bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug where modifying flowers inside the field would not update the gene data
  • Added search results count on glossary search


  • Added possible parents count number to glossary entry page
  • Updated Japanese language support - thanks to Auroraskye


  • Added buttons to glossary entry parents to simulate breeding of the selected parents
  • Made container titles clickable to toggle collapse/expand


  • Changed dependency sources to CDN-hosted
  • Fixed icon position inconsistencies between browsers and OS
  • Improved double-click behavior on field tiles


  • Improved glossary entry filter algorithm
  • Fixed some UI issues in some browsers
  • Improved initial page load performance by disabling some animations
  • Added wildcard character (*) for genes in glossary search and glossary entry filter
  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko


  • Improved glossary search algorithm; it is now possible to search by type and color in the currently selected language (please update the languages here if it is missing translations)
  • Fixed flower name length overflow in glossary search results appearing in some languages
  • Added island icon to genes to indicate source
  • Added variants count number to glossary entry page
  • Added filter bar to glossary entry parents list; can filter for color, genes and source


  • Added seed-bag icon to more gene labels
  • Minor code cleanup and refactoring
  • Updated Japanese language support - thanks to Auroraskye
  • Updated German language support - thanks to Catobat


  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Added seed-bag icon to genes to indicate source


  • Big changes to the placement mode: drag&drop and click&place have been combined into a single placement mode; when no field tile is selected, the field action buttons can be used in toggle-mode; all flowers and genes are now draggable and selectable; double-click a flower tile to select it
  • Reworked highlight and selection functions
  • Added new selection animation
  • Added right-click to remove flower function on field tiles
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Added toggle button to display/hide genes of flowers in the field
  • Updated Chinese (traditional and simplified) language support - thanks to cestislife


  • Combined flower sources into a single container with tabs


  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Added toggle button to display/hide genes of flowers in the shop and island categories
  • Improved UI responsiveness during simulations
  • Results for simulations with more than 1000 runs are now not rendered by default to prevent browser lag/freeze
  • Removed overdrive setting; max cap on simulation days and runs is 100000 now


  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Re-enabled rare island flower category but added a notice/disclaimer
  • Added Russian language support - thanks to captain_curls
  • Updated Dutch language support - thanks to Ketama
  • Added simulator parameters to local storage
  • Updated Japanese language support - thanks to Auroraskye
  • Updated Chinese (traditional and simplified) language support - thanks to cestislife
  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko


  • Fixed an issue when detecting browser language
  • Added Japanese language support - thanks to Auroraskye
  • Fixed cliff meta for level 2


  • Fixed some info text mistakes
  • Fixed several UI overflow issues
  • Updated Korean language support
  • Added Chinese (simplified and traditional) language support - thanks to cestislife and Vityuri
  • Added share button for the glossary
  • Tile information is now automatically shown when clicking on a tile
  • Changed hover information of flowers to show their genes instead of the name
  • Rare island flower category has been temporarily disabled as they currently cannot be acquired in the game
  • Improved Chinese (traditional) language - thanks to Gina
  • Added Italian language support - thanks to Chelidonia


  • Updated intro text - thanks to Waterjar
  • Added Dutch language support - thanks to Ketama
  • Fixed QR code generation for some very specific cases
  • Fixed simulation results precision and rounding
  • Added local storage to save settings and container states
  • Added Korean language support - thanks to 에체 and nomiko


  • Updated intro text
  • Added English (GB) language support - thanks to Waterjar


  • Massive background refactoring
  • Flower glossary now remembers filters when browsing entries
  • Improved glossary rendering
  • Added localization support! If you want to see this website in your language, please fill out this form
  • Fixed several UI control issues
  • Added support for localized glossary searches
  • Added German language support - thanks to Catobat
  • Added French language support - thanks to Aeter


  • Added tooltips to field buttons


  • UI adjustments for the field to improve usability especially on smaller screens
  • Background refactoring; preparing for future changes


  • Refactored field grid; performance on bigger layouts should be better now
  • Fixed a bug when parsing shared URLs


  • Changed gene notation names
  • Added bass notation (haha funny)
  • More backend refactoring
  • Fixed an issue with the field url generation/parsing
  • Added the possibility to search for seed and island flowers


  • Several UI tweaks
  • Made field collapsible


  • Huge backend refactoring; might break something
  • Added share button on breeding simulator
  • Added cliff levels to the placement simulator and breeding algorithm!
  • Reworked url encoding to include level data; also reduced size by about 20%


  • Fixed missing parent entries in the flower glossary
  • Fixed incorrect parent chances in the flower glossary
  • Added checkbox to toggle offspring display in the field
  • Added checkboxes to filter parents list in flower glossary


  • Added the function to jump to the gene entry when clicking on a gene in the glossary
  • Added a 'Back' button on the glossary to jump back to the last entry
  • Added a list of same-color variants for each glossary entry
  • Added a color-safe column indicating whether the offspring is the only one with that color
  • Made breeder scroll-able and work better on mobiles


  • Fixed a bug that would cause incorrect breeding results on the field info panel
  • Fixed a bug where when in Click&Place mode, newly generated genes wouldn't be selectable
  • Added new backwards breeding search when clicking on a glossary search result
  • Refactored some backend code


  • Added new flower glossary with search function


  • Reworked some styling aspects
  • Reworked share dialog
  • Added QR code for share links
  • Added some UI hover effects and animations
  • Made keyboard commands trigger on keydown rather than keyup


  • Fixed an URL encoding bug
  • Moved chart into a spoiler
  • Improved stats overview display


  • Updated stats overview
  • Optimized simulation result data
  • Implemented new share URL encoding to reduce link size and avoid invalid data parsing
  • Fixed various simulation results


  • New field background image
  • Added progress bar for benchmark
  • Added web workers for the benchmark; this should eliminate any browser lag when performing benchmarks
  • Improved performance of the simulator
  • Added even more data from the simulator
  • Added new fancy charts to the benchmark results
  • Made detailed benchmark results into a spoiler


  • Fixed an incredible stupid mistake with the visitor changes
  • Added new click&place setting and functionality
  • Changed benchmark layout
  • Added tile art for blocked fields
  • Added benchmark overdrive


  • Added favicon; credits to peach-n-key
  • Added benchmark calculator to test certain patterns according to the spawning algorithm; SUPER experimental!
  • Fixed benchmark visitor minimum
  • Fixed an issue with the benchmark algorithm not handling duplicates correctly
  • Added key-press events for arrow keys to move within the field and 'b' key for toggling a blocked field
  • Upgraded benchmark stat display


  • Added field blockers; nothing can spawn on those fields
  • Added settings dialog for customizing the calculator display
  • Added the possibility to display genes as binary
  • Blocked fields are now included in the sharing link
  • Updated info text to reflect newest information


  • Fixed breeds result chance numbers based on Punnett Square results rather than unique combinations
  • Changed chance value display to include 2 decimal places if necessary
  • Changed count values on genes to chance values
  • Added "Found on rare islands" section for rare flowers found on mystery island tours
  • Changed numeric gene numbers to their genetic representation
  • Fixed field resizing when flowers are at the border
  • Added the possibility to share placed flowers in the placement simulator (experimental)
  • Optimized field reset
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a flower into the breeding simulator wouldn't update the flower type
  • Prepared simulator for changing gene notations
  • Optimized field info display


  • Fixed no results message on empty fields
  • Added info message when no field is selected
  • Minor UI tweaks for better readability
  • Fixed spawning algorithm
  • Fixed breeds result chance numbers


  • Fixed some UI elements
  • Reworked spawning algorithm; field should work properly now
  • Added information panel for selected fields


  • Reworked the entire UI
  • Updated intro text


  • Added a more readable font for non-title text
  • Fixed several style issues
  • Moved breeder into a spoiler
  • Refactored a few components and added no-result message for incompatible flowers
  • Changed drop behavior for breeder; display flowers are now always copies of the original flower


  • Added a breeding result panel
  • Added drag&drop for genes in the breeding result
  • Added change display below colors in breeding result
  • Added spoiler for changelog
  • Updated intro text
  • Field is still broken at this point, will update shortly


  • Updated the flower handles to include genes
  • Reworked drag&drop mechanics
  • Added flower-info panels and selectors for type and genes


  • Updated data model to include the new findings on genes by Aeter
  • Due to this update I will rebuild the entire tool for simulating the flower genetics


  • Fixed an issue where flowers were not able to reproduce when no other flower is within its area
  • Removed edge area on fields
  • Updated intro text
  • It is now possible to place flowers of different type into the field at the same time
  • It is now possible to resize the field
  • Made data fully loadable from JSON which makes the UI elements independent from data (potentially useful for future extensions)


  • Fixed an issue where the breed field tooltip wouldn't display in some circumstances
  • Updated intro text


  • Improved breed calculations
  • Updated intro text


  • Added tooltips for breed fields
  • Added into text


  • Added tooltips for flowers
  • Added area highlight for flower fields


  • Fixed an issue with the displayed breed colors


  • Initial release
Contributors: Aeter, Auroraskye, blink, captain_curls, Catobat, cestislife, Chelidonia, Chomp, 에체, Gina, Ketama, namae, nomiko, Vityuri, Waterjar
Please report any bugs or feedback to @AeonSake
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